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NPPC Urges MA to Delay Restrictive Pork Initiative
USAgNet - 03/01/2021

The National Pork Producers Council testified before a public hearing hosted by the Massachusetts' attorney general's office on implementation of Question 3, a 2016 ballot initiative which prohibits the sale of pork produced using certain production methods.

In many ways, Question 3 is substantially similar to Proposition 12, a California ballot initiative which passed in 2018. The Massachusetts initiative is set to begin on Jan. 1, 2022, but first requires the commonwealth's attorney general to draft implementation rules--which have not been completed.

In comments, the group urged the attorney general to involve experts who understand modern livestock and pork production in a collaborative process with impacted stakeholders; and suspend the implementation date to ensure farmers and consumers are afforded the full, two-year window between promulgation of the rules and the effective date.

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