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MU Extension Announces New State Advisory Committee
Missouri Ag Connection - 09/11/2020

The University of Missouri Office of Extension and Engagement has assembled a state advisory committee to support the university's reach and mission across Missouri.

The MU Extension and Engagement State Advisory Committee consists of 16 leaders who will share their insights, experience and expertise on issues and program opportunities that will help us improve the lives of Missourians.

"I am excited to announce the formation and membership of this committee," said Marshall Stewart, MU vice chancellor for extension and engagement. "Each is committed to helping us in our mission as the University for Missouri, especially around the challenges in economic opportunity, educational access, and health and well-being."

Eight members represent each of the eight geographic extension regions. Eight members represent stakeholders and partners from across the state. Staggered appointments ensure representative membership while maintaining continuity.

The committee will meet monthly and provide support in these areas:

Advisory -- provide input to senior leaders to strengthen MU Extension and Engagement and the university.

Feedback -- share statewide insights on issues and challenges that Missourians face.

Advocacy -- strengthen support and partnerships for greater impact throughout Missouri.

Awareness -- serve as spokespersons communicating the value of MU Extension and Engagement, the university and higher education.

Catalyst -- help energize and expand our impact and connections.

MU Extension and Engagement State Advisory Committee

Extension council representatives:

Fay Aubuchon
Carrie Bergfield
Valencia Broadus
Thomas Haines
Michelle Kleeman
Jan Koenig
Sandra Streit
Chris Wallace

Stakeholder and partner representatives:

David Baldridge
M. Ryan Barker
Brian Crouse
Stephanie Gooden
Andrea (Andy) Jackson
Tim Lowery
Tim Oetting
Jauqua Preston Wilkins

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