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Forkner Selected for Livestock Industry's Highest Honor
Missouri Ag Connection - 10/16/2020

Livestock producer and progressive leader Everett Forkner of Missouri is being recognized for his unrivaled contributions to the livestock industry by being inducted into the Saddle and Sirloin Club this fall, widely considered the highest honor in the livestock industry. This award, established in 1903, serves to recognize key leaders in the livestock industry and Everett certainly fits that criteria.

When discussing leaders within the livestock and purebred swine industry and their influence, Forkner's name quickly comes to mind. During the last six decades, Forkner has established a stellar record in the livestock industry. He has quietly but effectively served in the roles of breeder, leader, teacher, mentor, and change agent. He is also known for his willingness to freely share his time, wisdom, and leadership skills serving the greater swine and meat animal industries. He was president of the National Pork Board, as well as being a strong promoter and supporter of 4-H, FFA, and collegiate livestock programs. Everett and his wife, Ruby, have hosted thousands of students for judging workouts at their farm since 1961.

In addition to these contributions, Everett was integral in the formation of the National Junior Swine Association. Everett's vision and commitment to this program has helped grow the NJSA into the nation's largest junior livestock organization and built a talent pipeline to the pork industry that has yielded some of the top industry leaders.

A significant part of this recognition is the establishment of two separate educational funds to further the education, communications, and leadership skills for future generations. Everett attributes a significant part of his success to the critical thinking and communications skills he developed as a member of the University of Missouri Livestock Judging Team. As a result, he has chosen to establish the Everett and Ruby Forkner Livestock Judging Fund at the University of Missouri. Overall support for livestock judging at the University of Missouri is seeing a great resurgence and this fund is timely and well positioned to quickly advance the effort.

Additionally, the Forkner Family has generously agreed to establish the Forkner Family Visionary Leadership Fund to support future scholarship and leadership programs of the National Junior Swine Association. This fund will establish the long-term sustainability of NJSA leadership programs and represent the importance of mentorship and leadership development that is cherished by the Forkner Family.

We welcome you to participate in this unique fundraising effort to support these funds by visiting either or

The traditional Saddle & Sirloin Banquet held during the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Ky., has been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, in honor of Everett Forkner's induction into this prestigious group of livestock leaders, the Forkner Family will be hosting a smaller banquet near Nevada, Mo., on Nov. 15. The banquet, which will feature guest speakers, an exceptional pork focused meal, and the portrait presentation will be live streamed a

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