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Kellogg and ASA Cooperate on IPM Webinar Series
Missouri Ag Connection - 11/20/2020

A new Integrated Pest Management webinar series for farmers and their advisers will be held December through May. The American Society of Agronomy is strengthening the their Certified Crop Adviser platform by offering this new program.

The webinar series, titled the "North American Integrated Pest Management Training Series," is sponsored by the Kellogg Company.

This specialized agronomy education is available to Certified Crop Advisers, agronomists, and other agribusiness professionals.

"Support from a global leader like Kellogg is critical to the reach of this program," says Nicholas J. Goeser, PhD, CEO of American Society of Agronomy. "Their generous support enables ASA and our certificant program to provide actionable education on agricultural systems and insights on how consumer trends and food supply-chain programs are likely to shape future food production systems. Kellogg's position along the food supply-chain will help provide information to aid agricultural advisers, farmers, and the industry as a whole."

Topics covering both national and regional information will be available. The series will cover a range of topics, with dedicated sessions to explore how Integrated Pest Management principles can support farmers' decisions for agricultural systems including both pest management and soil health improvement:

- Holistic Integrated Pest Management Planning

- Integrated Pest Management and Regenerative Agriculture

- Cover Crops and Integrated Pest Management

- Pest Control Toolkit Preservation

- Pest Management, Agricultural Sustainability, and Consumer Trends

The series is using a three-prong learning approach. In addition to the webinars, there will be two other learning media used. The Certified Crop Adviser program has their own magazine, Crops & Soils, which will provide deep-dive, date-driven analysis of the topics by one or more subject matter experts. The Field, Lab, Earth Podcast will provide listening opportunities of interviews with one or more of the experts. This is the first time the Certified Crop Adviser program has offered so many learning channels for one topical series.

Funding for the webinar series is provided by the Kellogg Company. Educating farmers and advisers in integrated pest management is critical to Kellogg's sourcing and sustainable agriculture efforts. "People are at the heart of our work in sustainable agriculture, says Kate Schaffner, Kellogg's manager of sustainable agronomy. "We know that partnering with ASA will support the people farmers trust when making critical decisions about how to boost soil health, manage pests, and support the health of their communities."

The first live webinar is scheduled for Dec. 10. To learn more about the IPM Training Program and register, visit

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