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Koolmill Tackles Food Poverty Through NextGen Rice Technology
Missouri Ag Connection - 12/04/2019

Rice is a staple crop eaten all over the world and yet many rice mills, particularly smaller operators, suffer from antiquated machinery, poor storage capabilities and lack the financial means required to modernise. These are trends that should concern us all. According to estimates produced by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation, rice production will need to increase by 70 percent by 2050 in order to satisfy demand from a growing global population.

Koolmill Systems believes that better technology holds the key to improving efficiency within the rice value chain. The company's fully digital auto-tuning rice-milling solution helps rice growers produce more by milling less. In an exclusive article in the latest edition of The New Economy, Managing Director Alec Anderson explained how his organisation's innovative approach is pushing rice mills towards a more sustainable future.

"Heavy losses occur throughout the lengthy rice value chain," Anderson said. "Our technology helps to prevent this by shortening and rebalancing the existing value chain to minimise the interface losses in transportation. Improving the storage, transportation and processing of rice and maximising the return of undamaged rice from milling will contribute to significantly less food loss."

In addition to the firm's cutting-edge technology, Koolmill also offers customers a unique pay-as-you-mill business model that is proving particularly attractive to smaller producers. The company has patents covering more than 70 percent of global rice production and is set to launch in key markets such as India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil and the US. The challenges facing the rice market may be global, but so too is the solution offered by Koolmill.

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