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Portable Breeding Barns for AI Programs
Missouri Ag Connection - 05/14/2019

For many beef producers, the biggest challenge to carrying out an AI program can be facilities. A portable breeding barn can make the process a lot easier, and you may find it makes the process easier on your cattle too.

A portable breeding barn can simply be backed up to a lead up alley. The barns are floorless and are easily raised or lowered into place using a built-in hydraulic pump. A sliding back door on the barn allows for entry of animals.

Cows typically walk into a breeding barn willingly and remain very calm throughout the process. The design involves little restraint, as a bar simply drops in place behind the animal to prevent it from backing up. Technicians also appreciate the cover and protection from weather the barns afford.

Depending on your region, one-stall or two-stall barns may be available. Two-stall designs allow for two technicians to work simultaneously, which can greatly speed up the process when working large numbers of animals.

University of Missouri Extension maintains several breeding barns, positioned in various parts of the state. These barns are available for rent for a modest daily fee.

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