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Ashcroft Flies Betsy Ross Flag on Flag Day
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/15/2017

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft paid tribute to the American flag in honor of Flag Day, flying the "Betsy Ross" flag at the historic James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center.

Betsy Ross, the now famous seamstress in Philadelphia is said to have presented her version of the original 13-star flag to General George Washington in 1776.

Flag Day is commemorated each year on June 14, and this year marks 240 years since the Continental Congress adopted the American flag as part of the First Flag Act in 1777. Flag Day was originated in Waubeka, Wis.

To celebrate and remember the history of the country and the flags it has flown, the secretary's office chose to fly the "Betsy Ross" flag. This original American flag contained 13 stars--representing the original 13 colonies--within a blue rectangle, altogether representing what the country's first lawmakers called "a new constellation."

"The American flag has stood as a symbol of democracy for centuries, and I am thankful to pledge my allegiance to all it stands for," Ashcroft said.

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