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High School Sophomore Starts AgDash Wildlife Feed Company
Missouri Ag Connection - 09/12/2023

Gage Davis, a sophomore at Marshall High School in Marshall, Missouri, has started a birdseed and wildlife feed company called AgDash. The company was founded in December 2022 and sells its products online and at farmers' markets.

Davis says that he was inspired to start AgDash after seeing a need for a local source of birdseed. He also wanted to create a business that would help other FFA members get started with their own Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAEs).

AgDash's products are made with ingredients from Davis's family farm, other FFA members' farms, and other family farms. For each bag of wildlife feed purchased, Davis donates a dollar toward a grant to help other FFA members get started with their own SAEs.

In addition to selling birdseed and wildlife feed, AgDash also offers services such as filling feeders and delivering products to customers. Davis says that he hopes to build a legacy with AgDash that will continue for years to come.

Davis is passionate about AgDash and is committed to making it a success. He is working hard to market the company and build relationships with customers. He is also planning to expand the company's product line and services in the future.

Davis says that FFA has helped him to develop life and interpersonal skills, even when it's not a skill you set out to learn. He hopes to continue that trend and use his skills to make AgDash a success.

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