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Community Conversations: Building Recovery Friendly Workplace Networks
Missouri Ag Connection - 01/14/2022

University of Missouri Extension's Community Health and Labor & Workforce Development programs will hold community conversations throughout January and February to explore how to build a Recovery Friendly Workplace in your community. By networking with businesses and organizations to create supportive, safe working environments, you will impact the economy and your workforce by supporting employees affected by substance use disorder. Recovery Friendly Workplaces foster a culture that promotes employee safety, health and well-being and empowers workplaces to support employees in recovery.

You are not alone. Businesses across the state are facing challenges recruiting and retaining workers. At the same time, Missouri continues to experience high incidences of people of working age who deal with substance use disorders or are in recovery. These issues lead to fewer participants in today's workforce. Recovery Friendly Workplaces offer a solution by helping businesses and communities across Missouri to tackle these issues.

Missouri employers see firsthand the impact of substance use disorder. It affects productivity, employee morale and the bottom line. But the toll on the employee is far greater. Each year, thousands of Missouri employees leave the workplace due to substance use disorder, and too many of those Missourians never return. -- Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO, Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

If you hire and manage employees or are a local change agent who addresses workforce issues, this conversation is for you.

For more information, contact Ann McCauley at

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