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Missouri Farmers Hopeful for Lower Costs, More Profit This Year
Missouri Ag Connection - 03/17/2023

We're only a few weeks out from farmers planting new crops in Missouri.

Mike Moreland is hopeful this year is better than the last.

"Farmers are always optimistic — next year is always better," he said. “We’re just a few weeks away from planting. So we’re fine-tuning all our planters, and our tillage equipment and getting ready to put fertilizer on.”

Moreland Farms produces corn, soybeans and raises cattle.

"Commodity prices, weather, you name it, we've lived through all of it," Moreland said.

Last year, he saw record-high costs for inputs like fertilizer, fuel and feed.

“What we’re looking at anxiously is fertilizer prices," he said. "They were record-high last year. Now some of them have come down, but a lot of them are still way too high."

Besides high prices, farmers in the region also battled drought.


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