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New Hay auction opens in golden city of Missouri
Missouri Ag Connection - 09/26/2023

A local hay broker is starting a live hay auction to address demand for quality, affordable hay in the Four-State Area. The auction will give hay buyers increased access to hay and help producers get a fair price.

The initial event was held on September 16 in Golden City, Missouri. The auction is designed to help everyone access good hay, including small producers.

The hay broker, Bill Garrett, has been in the hay industry for nearly 50 years. He hopes to have a positive impact on the overall local hay market by establishing the market in Golden City and regularly offering hay to friends, neighbors, and customers.

Garrett said, "I'm doing it because I see a need for hay, and I just can't sell all of the hay in the country through my own business. I really think if people could come and see what they're buying, that would be a relief to some of them. Because most of the hay if you bought it out of state, you're going to have to take a whole semi load or split it with the neighbors. The buyers that are talking to me are really excited about it, and I think even more sellers will get on the bandwagon if they see the hay is going to bring a fair price."

The live hay auction is a welcome addition to the Four-State Area and will help to ensure that hay buyers and producers have access to the hay they need.

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