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Crop Progress Report: Spring Planting Still Delayed; Winter Wheat Improves
USAgNet - 05/10/2022

Soybean planting in Nebraska is nearly on schedule with 28% of the crop in the ground this past week compared to a five-year average of 29% at this stage of the season.

The picture is far different for corn and for both crops in the other four top-producing states — Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota — according to today's Crop Progress Report, by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Indeed, weather conditions continue to delay planting across 18 selected states measured in the report.

Twelve percent of soybeans are planted, compared to a five-year average of 24%, while just 22% of corn is planted compared to an average of 58%.

Spring wheat planting in six selected states, meanwhile, is also running 20 percentage points behind — 27% planted versus a 47% average.

As for winter wheat, the quality of the crop in 18 selected states improved 2 percentage points to 29% good/excellent when compared to the previous week.

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