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Rob-See-Co Acquires Rupp Seeds Grain & Forage Division
USAgNet - 05/17/2022

Rob-See-Co, an independent seed company located in Elkhorn, Neb. acquired the Rupp-brand grain and forage division of Rupp Seeds, an Ohio-based seed company. The acquisition enables Rob-See-Co to expand its market and product offering to Rupp Seeds dealers and growers.

"We are excited to welcome the Rupp Seeds team to our Rob-See-Co family," said Rob Robinson, Rob-See-Co CEO. "Rob-See-Co and Rupp Seeds share the culture of a family-owned company. Both companies offer a simple, transparent business model and value the customer relationship. Given the similarities between the two companies, we see a mutually beneficial relationship."

Given there is no overlap with existing dealers, Rob-See-Co anticipates it will work with 100% of Rupp Seeds' dealers and will continue to sell Rupp corn, soybean, and wheat branded products through the 2022 growing season.

In 2023, the company plans to expand its offering to Rupp dealers to include Rob-See-Co and Innotech brand corn and soybeans, Masters Choice specialty silage, and Streamline Ag seed-driven crop inputs. The company will operate out of Rob-See-Co's headquarters in Elkhorn, NE. The Rupp family will continue to offer their vegetable seeds and other crops under the Rupp Seeds brand, operating out of their Wauseon, OH offices.

Customers will benefit from an expanded product selection. Rupp Seeds customers and dealers will gain the efficiencies of Rob-See-Co's operations, including broad germplasm and trait access, and improved testing and characterization. Rob-See-Co will benefit from an expanded footprint and access to additional trait and germplasm platforms. All customers will continue working with their respective Rupp Seeds and Rob-See-Co representatives, as there is no overlap in sales territories.

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