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Stratovation launches new specialty crop biologicals study
USAgNet - 09/21/2023

Stratovation Group is taking a leap forward in understanding agriculture. After successful research on row-crop farmer sentiments, they're setting their sights on specialty-crop growers. They want to dive deep into perceptions about agricultural biologicals for crops like vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits.

Partnering with big names like Western Growers, Agricultural Retailers Association, and others, Stratovation aims to gather comprehensive data. Cam Camfield, the brain behind Stratovation, believes that this collaboration will lead to better data. And we all know, better data means better planning.

So, what's the buzz about this study? It’s titled "Biologicals: Specialty Crop Growers’ Perceptions, Values, and Potential." The focus is to understand how farmers feel about biologicals in their specialty crop production.

Western Growers have noticed the rising importance of biologicals. Corey Rosenbusch, from The Fertilizer Institute, sees this study as a golden opportunity. It will offer insights straight from the growers. And that's a game-changer.

Dr. Pam Marrone, a superstar in agricultural biology, is on board as well. Jay Vroom from DCLRS believes her expertise will be invaluable. Daren Coppock from ARA chimes in, emphasizing how crucial biologicals have become in today's farming strategies.

Biologicals aren't just any solution. They are innovative alternatives to some traditional pesticides and fertilizers. These methods prioritize the environment while ensuring crop health. And this study is about understanding how growers view this revolution.

Camfield is clear about one thing. This study values the voice of the specialty crop grower. It’s their chance to speak, and the industry's chance to listen and evolve.

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