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Missouri Ag News Headlines
Getting a Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear with Anhydrous
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/22/2018
Treating of low quality forages like late-cut fescue, wheat straw and fescue aftermath following seed harvest with anhydrous ammonia can be likened to making a silk purse from a sow's ear. "The treatment process is not a new thing. I've observed the process and the resulting cattle feed since the late seventies - early eighties and it really works," said Eldon Cole, livestock specialist with University . . .

Missouri Grants Variance Due to Extended Dry Weather
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/22/2018

WineGame Launches in App Store
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/22/2018

MCA Junior Show Recognizes Young Beef Leaders
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/22/2018

Plan Ahead: Pets and Fireworks Do Not Mix
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/22/2018

Missouri State Beaches Open
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/22/2018

Federal Food Assistance Age Limits Impact Reading, Learning
Missouri Ag Connection - 06/21/2018

National & World Ag Briefs
Houses Passes Farm Bill, Goes to Senate
USAgNet - 06/22/2018

AFBF Board Votes to Support Goodlatte AG Act Provisions
USAgNet - 06/22/2018

Plant Dropping Over 50 New York Dairy Farm Patrons in June
USAgNet - 06/22/2018

Egg Producer Rose Acre Farms 'Not Guilty' of Antitrust Practices
USAgNet - 06/22/2018

AgriVision Acquires One of Van Wall's Iowa Stores
USAgNet - 06/22/2018

Regional Ag News Updates
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