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NPPC President Won't Convert Hog Farm to Meet Prop 12
Missouri Ag Connection - 09/14/2023

The president of the National Pork Producers Council, Scott Hays, said on Tuesday that he will not convert his Missouri hog farm to comply with California's Proposition 12 animal welfare law. Hays said that it is not clear if the required renovations would be profitable.

Some large pork producers, such as Hormel, Smithfield, and Tyson Foods, have said that they will comply with Prop 12. However, Hays said that he is not willing to risk his family's farm.

Prop 12 requires hog farmers in California to provide 24 square feet of floor space to each breeding sow, and it prohibits the sale of pork produced on farms in other states that do not meet that standard.

The NPPC has supported the EATS Act, which would allow virtually anyone to file suit in federal court to invalidate a state or local law that regulates the production of agricultural products sold in interstate commerce. Opponents of the EATS Act say that it would jeopardize many state laws related to health, safety, and welfare.

Hays said that the NPPC is working to get a fix for Prop 12, and that they appreciate the support of House Agriculture Committee chair Glenn Thompson.

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