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Missouri mandates pesticide training for producers

Missouri mandates pesticide training for producers

By Blake Jackson

The Missouri Department of Agriculture mandates that producers who wish to purchase and apply restricted use pesticides must possess a private pesticide applicator license. Starting in 2025, unlicensed workers will no longer be allowed to apply pesticides under licensed applicators' supervision.

To obtain or renew this license, agricultural producers must undergo pesticide safety training every five years. Eligibility requires individuals to be 18 years old and actively engaged in agricultural production.

Efforts are underway to enhance pesticide safety education in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, aligning with new state and federal regulations. This updated program aims to equip participants with the latest information to navigate evolving agricultural challenges effectively.

The upcoming training session, scheduled for May 16, 2024, from 1:00 to 3:30 pm at 4125 Mitchell Ave, St Joseph, MO, offers essential education to secure or renew private pesticide applicator licenses. Participants can register online or by contacting the Buchanan County Extension Center at 816-279-1691.

It's crucial to note that this training does not cover the annual requirements for applying synthetic auxin herbicides like dicamba or the supplemental training needed for paraquat dichloride application.

By attending this training, agricultural producers contribute to the state's ambitious #2xAg2030 initiative, aimed at doubling Missouri's agriculture by 2030. This initiative underscores the importance of staying informed and compliant with pesticide regulations to ensure the sustainability and growth of Missouri's agricultural sector.

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