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NPPC champions pork producer interests at World Pork Expo

NPPC champions pork producer interests at World Pork Expo

By Jamie Martin

At the 2024 World Pork Expo, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) convened a policy panel to address pressing issues facing pork producers nationwide.

NPPC President Lori Stevermer emphasized the importance of bipartisan advocacy in shaping the 2024 House Farm Bill to address critical challenges such as disease prevention, market access, and regulatory hurdles like California Proposition 12.

Dr. Anna Forseth, NPPC director of animal health, highlighted the ongoing threats posed by foreign animal diseases (FADs) and stressed the need for farm bill funding to bolster preventive measures.

Chase Adams, NPPC assistant vice president of domestic policy, discussed the implications of California Proposition 12 and urged legislative action to mitigate its impact on producers and consumers.

NPPC also advocated for resources to address feral swine eradication, support for the National Detector Dog Training Center, and increased funding for the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP) to expand international trade opportunities for U.S. pork producers.

Maria C. Zieba, NPPC vice president of government affairs, emphasized the crucial role of export markets in driving growth for the pork industry.

Looking ahead, NPPC CEO Bryan Humphreys emphasized the need for ongoing advocacy efforts to ensure that the farm bill aligns with the needs of pork producers and provides certainty in an uncertain regulatory landscape.

As the pork industry strives to recover from economic challenges, NPPC remains committed to advancing policies that safeguard herd health and support the long-term success of pork producers nationwide.

Photo Credit: national-pork-producers-council

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