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Save your veggies! beat garden woes webinar

Save your veggies! beat garden woes webinar

By Blake Jackson

Master your vegetable garden with a free webinar series offered by University of Missouri Extension horticulture specialists! This three-part series tackles common challenges faced by home gardeners: diseases, insects, and weeds.

The series kicks off on June 3rd with Debi Kelly, who will shed light on common vegetable garden diseases. Learn how to identify and manage these issues to keep your plants thriving. Tomatoes, a beloved garden staple, are a particular focus, as Kelly clarifies the difference between diseases and physiological disorders.

Next, on June 10th, Donna Aufdenberg takes the stage to guide you through the world of garden insects. Not all insects are foes! Aufdenberg will equip you with the knowledge to distinguish beneficial insects from harmful pests and provide effective control methods for unwanted visitors.

Finally, on June 17th, Katie Kammler tackles the ever-present battle against weeds. Learn to identify weeds at different stages of growth, understand their habits, and explore various control methods to keep your garden weed-free.

This informative series is a great resource for both novice and experienced gardeners. Don't miss out – register for the free webinars and elevate your vegetable gardening success! The entire three-part series costs just $30.

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