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Missouri 4-H study - building leaders of tomorrow
Missouri Ag Connection - 02/20/2024

A new study by the University of Missouri confirms the positive impact of 4-H on young people's lives. Led by Tanner Adkins and Christal Huber, the study surveyed Missouri youth involved in 4-H programs, revealing several key findings:

Strong program experiences: Youth reported positive views of their 4-H involvement, high engagement levels, and meaningful relationships with adults. These factors are linked to effective programming and positive development.

Growth mindset and social skills: Participating youth showed higher levels of growth mindset, indicating a belief in their ability to learn and develop. They also exhibited strong social skills, essential for navigating life successfully.

Belonging and hope: The study found that 4-H youth felt known and loved by their communities, fostering a sense of belonging. They also expressed hopeful outlooks on their futures.

Missouri's findings echo national trends: Lupita Fabregas, Missouri 4-H Director, emphasizes that the study reinforces the national data demonstrating the numerous benefits of 4-H participation.

National research highlights impact: Compared to their peers, 4-H youth are more likely to contribute to their communities, engage in science programs, make healthy choices, feel competent, and have positive well-being.

4-H alumni thrive: Studies show that 4-H alumni are more likely to participate in community service, live purposefully, and aspire to leadership roles.

This Missouri study, combined with national research, paints a clear picture: 4-H programs play a crucial role in shaping positive youth development, fostering essential skills, and nurturing future leaders.

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