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Multispecies grazing workshop for livestock producers
Missouri Ag Connection - 04/02/2024

The University of Missouri Extension (MU Extension) invites livestock producers to a free workshop exploring the advantages of multispecies grazing. This innovative approach involves raising cattle, sheep, or goats together on the same pastureland, offering potential benefits for both profitability and land management.

The workshop will delve into key aspects of multispecies grazing, including:

• Economic Advantages: Learn how integrating multiple livestock species can enhance producer cash flow, presented by David Brown, MU Extension Sheep and Goat Specialist.

• Improved Pasture Utilization: Discover strategies for maximizing pasture usage with multispecies grazing, led by Travis Harper, MU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist.

• Effective Fencing Solutions: Explore suitable fencing options for successful multispecies grazing systems, presented by Andrew Kientzy, MU Extension Research Analyst.

• Sheep & Goat Pasture Management: Gain insights into effective pasture management practices for sheep and goats within a multispecies system, presented by David Hoffman, MU Extension Livestock Field Specialist.

• Real-World Success Story: Hear firsthand from a producer who has implemented multispecies grazing on their farm, featuring Robert Salmon of Bob's Farm.

Workshop Details:

• Date: Tuesday, April 30th

• Time: 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

• Location: Rotary Club Building of Clinton, 200 W. Franklin St., Clinton, MO

• Registration: Contact MU Extension for registration details (

Sponsors: MU Extension, Hawthorn Bank of Clinton, Farmers Elevator & Supply Co. of Clinton, Henry County Soil & Water Conservation District, Clinton Chamber of Commerce, and Henry County Cattlemen's Association.

This workshop provides a valuable opportunity for livestock producers to explore the potential of multispecies grazing and gain practical knowledge for implementation.

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