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The Power of Dreaming Big

The Power of Dreaming Big

The Oxford Dictionary defines a dream as “a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.” Six simple words, yet they hold the potential to ignite innovation, progress and personal growth. It’s the belief in possibilities beyond the realm of the ordinary, the courage to envision the future, and the relentless pursuit of those aspirations. In a world where innovation thrives on bold ideas, embracing the power of dreaming big is not just a luxury but rather a necessity for achieving the extraordinary.

However, it is often the case that youth in rural America do not think their dreams are big enough to become a reality. Rural youth in America often face unique challenges that can hinder their belief in the realization of their dreams. Limited access to resources, including educational experiences, mentorship programs, and employment opportunities, can instill a sense of hopelessness about the feasibility of their dreams. Without the necessary support systems and encouragement to pursue their dreams, rural youth may struggle to dream big.

Summit Browning, a student and proud FFA member in rural Montana, has the big dream to own and operate his own ranch. Actively engaged in the agriculture industry since the age of 12, Summit knew ranching was where his heart belonged but understood, just like every rural teenager, that starting a farm or ranch from scratch would not be an easy feat. However, in the summer of 2022, Summit dreamed up a small business that will help his big dreams become a reality: S Bar B Cowboy Coffee, a whole roasted coffee bean company created by cowboys for the cowboy in all of us.

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