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Join us for the 2nd annual sheep and goats field day

Join us for the 2nd annual sheep and goats field day

By Blake Jackson

The University of Missouri Extension (MU Extension) is pleased to announce its second annual Sheep and Goats Field Day, designed to empower producers with critical knowledge for a successful small ruminant operation. This educational program emphasizes proactive animal health management, a cornerstone of profitability.

Held on Friday, July 12th at the Southwest Research, Extension and Education Center in Mount Vernon, the Field Day offers attendees the opportunity to:

  • Gain expertise in recognizing and managing common sheep and goat diseases through presentations by leading university faculty.
  • Develop practical skills in animal health assessment, vaccination protocols, and on-farm biosecurity measures.
  • Explore best practices for feeding and nutrition with a focus on optimizing forage utilization.
  • Participate in hands-on demonstrations covering fecal egg counting, the five-point health check, and the FAMACHA parasite management system.

Renowned lamb producer Nick Forrest, Director of the American Lamb Roadshow, will join the event as a special guest. Mr. Forrest will not only share his 35+ years of experience but also treat participants to a culinary demonstration featuring lamb prepared in five delicious ways.

The program boasts a lineup of distinguished speakers including:

  • Celeste Morris (University of Missouri) - Herd Health Management for Sheep & Goats
  • Luis Rivero (University of Missouri) - Managing Sheep & Goats in Late Gestation
  • Linda Coffey (National Center for Appropriate Technology) - Nutritional Disorders of Sheep & Goats
  • Ken Coffey (University of Arkansas) - Feed & Forage Options for Sheep & Goats
  • Mohan Acharya & Homero Salinas (Lincoln University) - Fecal Egg Count Demo & FAMACHA System & Certification

Registration for the Sheep and Goats Field Day is required by July 10th and includes meals, educational materials, and refreshments. For more information or to register, please contact the MU Extension Center in St. Clair County.

Photo Credit: istock-heebyj

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