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MO AG targets unlabeled hemp edibles

MO AG targets unlabeled hemp edibles

By Blake Jackson

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is cracking down on intoxicating hemp products, concerned about a lack of clear labeling and potential dangers for consumers. These products, like Delta-8 edibles, can get users high and are currently unregulated in the state.

Bailey launched investigations into four companies: CBD Kratom Connect, American Shaman, Smoke Smart, and Vape Society Supplies. However, some details remain unclear. The Attorney General's office hasn't confirmed if these companies are the ones behind the child intoxication incident in St. Louis County, where children ingested products resembling candy.

The hemp industry itself is divided on how to proceed. While some, like the Missouri Hemp Trade Association, advocate for age restrictions, labeling, and testing, others oppose regulations that would essentially shut down their businesses.

The main point of contention is how these products should be regulated. Legislation proposed would place them under the same strict rules as marijuana, including requiring sales only at licensed dispensaries. This wouldn't be feasible for current hemp stores, as there are no new dispensary licenses available.

An alternative proposal by Representative Hovis suggests issuing separate licenses for intoxicating hemp businesses, with oversight on age restrictions and labeling. However, this was rejected due to concerns about insufficient revenue from licensing fees.

Senator May plans to propose an amendment with higher licensing fees for independent hemp businesses, separate from the marijuana industry.

The lack of federal or state laws regarding age restrictions leaves a gap. While some companies implement age limits, others don't. With the Missouri Senate potentially debating Senator Schroer's regulation bill soon, the future of intoxicating hemp products in the state remains uncertain.

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