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MO state fair - new rules protect dairy cattle health

MO state fair - new rules protect dairy cattle health

By Blake Jackson

The Missouri Department of Agriculture (MDA) has announced updated biosecurity protocols for dairy cattle participating in the 2024 Missouri State Fair, held August 8th-18th in Sedalia.

These measures aim to safeguard the state's dairy industry and overall agricultural health. While no H5N1 influenza cases have been found in Missouri dairy cattle, State Veterinarian Steve Strubberg emphasizes a cautious approach to ensure exhibiting animals have a safe and healthy environment.

Testing Requirements:

  • All lactating dairy cows must undergo a negative H5N1 influenza test within seven days of arriving at the fairgrounds.
  • Testing must be conducted at a certified National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) veterinary diagnostic lab, like the MDA Animal Health Laboratory or the University of Missouri Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory.
  • Samples must be collected and submitted by a licensed veterinarian.
  • Importantly, the test is free, and results can be presented upon arrival at the fair via a lab report or Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.
  • Exhibitors and veterinarians are advised to inform the testing lab beforehand to ensure timely results.

To further minimize the risk of disease transmission, lactating cows must be milked using personal milking machines. The fairground's milking parlor will not be available to exhibitors.

State Fair staff will collaborate with exhibitors to collect and properly dispose of the milk, ensuring it doesn't enter the food chain.

"The dairy cattle show is a cornerstone of the Missouri State Fair's rich history," Dr. Strubberg remarks. "These new protocols allow us to uphold this tradition while prioritizing the health and safety of our dairy herds."

Photo Credit: missouri-state-fair

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