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UM professor wins award for dairy health work

UM professor wins award for dairy health work

By Blake Jackson

Dr. John Middleton, a professor at the University of Missouri, has been recognized for his significant contributions to mastitis prevention and control in dairy cattle and goats. He received the 2024 Award of Excellence from the National Mastitis Council (NMC) for his dedication to research, education, and service in this field.

Middleton's career spans over two decades, encompassing clinical work, teaching, research, and administrative roles. His research focuses primarily on mastitis and milk quality, and he has held leadership positions in various organizations related to veterinary medicine and dairy health.

He has made significant contributions in various areas:

  • Identifying how mastitis pathogens interact with the dairy ecosystem. This knowledge helps develop strategies to reduce the risk of disease.
  • Understanding how cows and calves respond to mastitis pathogens. This understanding is crucial for developing effective treatment and prevention methods.
  • Investigating management strategies for mastitis abatement. These strategies directly benefit dairy producers by improving animal health and milk quality.

Middleton's dedication extends beyond research. He has actively shared his expertise through:

  • International talks and workshops. This helps disseminate knowledge and best practices to a wider audience.
  • Serving as a section editor for the Journal of Dairy Science. This ensures high-quality research is published and accessible to the scientific community.
  • Mentoring students and colleagues. He fosters the next generation of researchers and practitioners in the field.

Middleton's colleagues and former students praise his dedication, teaching skills, and commitment to clear communication. His work has had a significant impact on mastitis prevention and control, ultimately contributing to improved animal health and milk quality in the dairy industry.


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